Review Policy

Im happy to receive new stuffehs if they fit with my style, and thank you so much for considering sending clothes, jewelry, poses – all are welcome in my inventor!

But, if I receive unrequested items, I may or may not blog your item. I have no commitment to blog anything I got unrequested. Blogging is my hobby.

Please be patient. I give my very best to post items as soon as possible, but I can't give a set timeframe.

I really appreciate any item I get for a review on my blog and I am thankful for all the designers who send me a lot of stuff, without you, my blog would be considerably smaller than it is now!

I breathe fashion and want to share my impressions with you. My heart beats for beautiful shoes, jewelry and apparel!

If you have any questions or suggestions about my blog or one of the displayed products, just send me an IM or a notecard.

I enjoy working with guest bloggers. If you are interested, please let me know.

Kiss ♥ L O N A