Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

Men Only Hunt 3 (MOH3) ♥

Flair For Events™ presents: The Men Only Hunt 3 (MOH3)
Starts: May 1st  -  Ends: May 31st
Theme: Rock 'N' Roll
Men Only Hunt 3 (MOH3)
FFE is introducing his third quality hunt ONLY for men in May 2013 related to the theme Rock 'N' Roll.
Since the start, FFE is looking for quality fashion brands to participate in his hunts. Belleza, Egoisme, Razorblade Jacket, Kauna, NV Madworld was some of them. That is why we are thinking about YOU to be a designer in our MOH3 hunt.
Only fashion designers are invited to participate (clothing, skin/shape, accessories, hair, poses, shoes only). No animal, gestures, furnitures, sex, house, vehicles, etc.
All SLurls and Hints will be found on the blog at:
You want to participate in this hunt as a designer or a blogger ? go take a look at our website!
For any questions, please contact Alon Alphaville.

                                                                                         Kiss ♥ LONA