Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

N° 1611

!! N e w ♥ .LeLutka.Nico.Bolero ♥ N e w !! 
~ X mas Gift ~

Each day for 12 days you can visit the LeLutka main-store, and click on our random gift giving item (you must have your LeLutka group tag active) and in turn you will receive a gift in a different color combination (or you may get the same colors previously received since it is completely random). You can visit once each day or just until you get the colors you want, it is up to you, but fun to collect them all. The ability to click again occurs after midnight SL Time each day.

deco ♥ 
!! N e w ♥ NOMAD // Boudoir Settee ♥ N e w !! - GEN-Neutral  -

♥ Lona