Montag, 15. Februar 2016

N° 1662 ♥ Neva Estates Hunt 1st edition ♥

Dear Neva Estates residents,
I am happy to announce that, a team of amazing creators and i, are collaborating on a new project, made exclusively for you, Neva Estates Hunt.
It is our way to thank you for being part of our communities and that your support and loialty, means a lot to us.
This event, as you can read above, is exclusive for the residents of Neva Estates and will take place, once every 3 months, in the 4 sims: Neva River, Neva River Village, Neva River IoS and Saint Pete City.
All items are free and all you have to do is, hunt and reclaim what is yours!
In order to do this, you will need to have activated the "Neva Estates Events" group, which will be given to all residents during the next days.
First round will start on 14th of february and will last for 2 weeks.
The participating stores are:
On behalf of the entire team, i wish you to have lots of fun and again, thank you for being with us!
As a community, the support is mutual and we care about each and one of you!
Special thanks to all the wonderful creators who combined efforts to give you this amazing event, which is brought to you for free, as a sign of appreciation for your loialty and support as a member of our communities.
Nevasunny ♥ Lonalove