Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016

N° 18o5

!! N e w ♥ H A I R : +elua+ Mao

   Let's celebrate SL13B & our store reopening together! 

+elua+ celebrates SL13B and gives free gifts at Collabor88, Kustom9 and The Mens Dept.
And this time, we celebrate our mains store have relocated to a bland new SIM. 
Where and what can you get?? Please read followings ;

<SL13B Gifts>

- Collabor 88 // Red Pack (Ends July 6th)
- Kustom9 // Blond Pack (Ends July 10th)
- The Mens Dept // Dark Brown Pack (Ends June 30th)

<Main Store Relocating Group Gift Hunt> (Ends July 10th) 
- Black Pack
- Brown Pack
- Light Blond Pack
- Ombre Pack

It is 100% Exclusive colors so we don't sell after the date over!
Those who wants to get all colors, don't miss this opportunity.
Have a epic day!

Lego ♥ Lona